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About Running On Rooftops

This a podcast where comics, their adaptations, and all things superheroes are discussed by fans like you. From page to screen, we run in between, analyzing and reviewing your favorite comic book media. If any comic book property has been adapted to another medium, Darryl and Phil will be there to cover it.

We discuss and rank the regular weekly comic book TV shows out on The CW,  ABC, Fox, and others. For major movie releases and Netflix shows, we tend to have special guests to join our discussion. In addition, if one of the hosts is unable to record, one of us will release a shorter episode called a Sprint. This could cover just about anything, including comics movies and TV. No matter what you are looking for, Running on Rooftops has something to entertain you.


A few episodes to get you started:

The start of Totally Awesome Season 3:
Our Doctor Strange review (Guest starring long-time fan of the show Alex)
A Sprint on the Current Captain America: Steve Rogers series

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