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Two Years in the Making (The Defenders First Look) – TAROR #38

Darryl and guest host Joe take a first look take our first look at Netflix mini series: The Defenders. This is the series we’ve been waiting for since this podcast started, and it does not disappoint. We give our spoiler free impressions on the first three episodes of The Defenders, then we discuss the four main characters and villains in Spoiler Space. How satisfying were the fights? Which characters worked surprisingly well together? Listen and find out!

This episode was recorded the premiere weekend of the show, (8/19/2017) so forgive any outdated comments!

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 Time Codes

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 11:58 –  Episode one concerns
  • Spoiler Space
  • 15:00 – Alexandra
  • 20:18 – Electra
  • 27:51 – Luke Cage and Iron Fist
  • 34:31 – Daredevil and Jessica Jones
  • 45:00 – Final Thoughts and Ratings
  • 54:25 – Outro


The Defenders: Episodes 1 -3

  • Darryl: A
  • Joe: A+


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